PDRA @ MDIR July 15-16 (Bracket Bash)

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PDRA @ MDIR July 15-16 (Bracket Bash)

Post by Admin on Wed May 25, 2016 7:34 am

PDRA Bracket Bash @ MDIR July 15-16

Detail links:

2016 PDRA "Bracket Bash"

0 thru 4.99 ET Bracket Race

Open & Full Body Cars

All PDRA / NHRA Safety Rules Apply

.500 Full Tree / with Crosstalk

No Double Entries

$3,000 Winner
$1,000 Runner-up
$300 Semi Finals
$150 Qtr. Finals
$100 Entry Fee: Car & Driver
16 Car Minimum for Full Purse
If Under 16 Cars, Purse will be adjusted accordingly

All non-qualifiers in T/S and T/D can enter the "Bracket Bash" for FREE

The "Bracket Bash" is a non-points earning class

Cars will not be paired

2 Times runs on Saturday ONLY at any given event starting at 9am (Eliminations that Saturday afternoon)

Credentials: ALL DRIVERS must have a PDRA and/or NHRA competition license.


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